LA VIE BOHEME is an Australian bespoke creative studio based in Sydney in 2022. It was founded by Artisan Conor O’Neill, an expert in his field with over 15 years of experience in high-end rendering and creative plasterwork. Conor honed his craft in Ireland and is passionate about all aspects of his trade. His craftsmanship has been elevated over time and he is recognised as a specialist in high-quality finishes including Venetian, Tadelakt, Microcements, Natural clay, Lime & Earthen renders. He has worked on numerous high-end projects and collaborations providing endless inspiration for concepts and design.

An expert renderer who is passionate about pushing the boundaries and experimenting with form and texture. What initially started as a love of experimentation and the need for freedom of expression quickly evolved into the creation of unique and timeless pieces with a focus on individualism and design. Taking inspiration from the world around us he channelled this expertise & creative vision into creating bespoke & curated pieces with a focus on natural materials, refined textures, organic shapes and colours. Creating objects provides a never-ending source of inspiration for Conor and his aim is to push the boundaries of creativity and functional design.

Conor’s vision has always been to honor exquisite quality, craftsmanship and creative individualism. His design approach is focused on form and freedom of expression which allows him to create unique and timeless pieces which are curated for the homes we love to live in.